World’s Highest Paid Actors as per Forbes list


Forbes has recently announced the list of Highest Earning Actors and the list contains some new names addition from the last year. Our own Wrestler famed Dwayne Johnson tops the list with the first rank, who are the other top gainers. Want to know more; well, in that case, you need to go through the list that is available at In this article, we will name just a few of the names for more options you can visit the above URL.

Dwayne Johnson10-richest-teen-celebs-FE

Known better by the name “The Rock”, the wrestler turned actor has knocked out all the actors around the world to be called as the highest paid actors according to Forbes list. As per the information available assets of Dwayne have doubled since figures from last year, he grabs the top spot with flying colors. Some of the famous film’s parts of Dwayne’s Career is “Central Intelligence”, “Furious 8” as well the forthcoming Baywatch.

Brad Pitt

The award-winning actor and producer have net worth of $31.5 million with standing 12th this time in the Forbes listing. Pitt lacks behind his last years standing to be part of top 5 amongst the list. The net worth calculated for Brad Pitt currently is 31.5 million.

Jackie Chan

Well, the gainer and surprising element in the list is Jackie Chain with second standing this time. Seen in many action movies Jackie Chan has a net worth of $61 million just 3 million behind Dwayne Johnson to enjoy Forbes listing.

Matt Damon

Another shocking name included in the list as a new entry is Hollywood Star Matt Demon ranked as third in the list, Matt Damon. Damon is known well for his acting skills combined with screenwriting and enjoying fame as successful Film Producer.