Windows 7 – The Relief After Windows Vista


Our lives today revolve around our computers. And our computers are just pieces of junk without a working Operating System. We are all aware of the importance a proper Operating System has for a computer. Microsoft Windows is a very popular brand of GUI based Operating System the world over. It all started with their flagship product, Windows 95. After that, they came up with Windows 98.


Then came the Windows revolution with the very popular Windows XP, and it captured the attention of the entire world. We were not ready to give up XP, as it was everything we ever wanted. But people make things only to come up with something even better. Microsoft walked a similar path and came up Windows Vista, but it was not so popular because of inconvenient bugs. PCs started running slow after a couple of days. Something had to be done. Windows 7 came as a relief to those who had started using Vista by then. And a big relief it was.

Windows 7 has fixed all the issues Vista had. The PCs no longer become slow, in fact the overall performance of this new Operating System helped bring back some of Microsoft’s popularity. However, to address the issue of OS piracy and people taking undue advantage of their erstwhile free operating systems, Microsoft came up with a key-based activation system.


Once you install Windows 7 on your PC, you get a trial period of 30 days within which you need to activate it using the product key which you will get when you purchase the package. Upon entering the product key, the operating system will be activated and considered genuine by Microsoft and you will get to use all the features and receive original updates. However, Windows OS is costly and not everyone can afford it. The way to activate it without the product key is to use the win 7 loader software, which readily activates your Windows 7 without any product key.

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