Who Offers Free Blogger Templates?


Many of the amazing blogs that you see online are either designed by the blogger themselves or they stumbled upon a pretty neat template and customized it to bring out their personality while matching the content. Of course, as with anything in this world, you have to pay for the ‘best’ blogging templates available. Since the ‘best’ is extremely subjective, you can try going for the free blogger templates out there and turn it into your own; the best for someone else won’t mean that it’s also the best for you.

Since blogger templates are high customizable, you can add as much personality as you prefer. It doesn’t matter if you actually paid for the template or just searched for one that’s free. What matters is the ease and convenience that it can provide you; the most expensive product is still worthless to person that prefers something else. If you think that there are no good templates offered without a charge then you’ve been looking at the wrong place. So just a friendly and practical advice, when it comes to templates, take the time to view all those that are available for free before going to the premium ones. One of the best websites that offer various blogger templates is FreshDesignWeb.com; the following blogger templates are featured at the mentioned website.


Glam Up

Glam Up is one of those blogger templates that offer an ultra clean design, since the designs of the template itself is extremely minimal the viewers will immediate focus on the content of the blog instead of all the other little things on the side. Glam Up won’t offer these distracting designs; the content is interesting enough so why would you need anything else to grab the viewer’s attention?

Glam Up offers social sharing, a clean layout, custom 404 page, simple designs and a Google Testing Tool Validator. Glam Up is SEO friendly, responsive, mobile friendly, and quick to load.



Swift is a blogger template that offers a modern design, is retina ready and is also fully responsive. Since Swift is code-light, it loads fairly quickly. For a blog Magazine, it offers a clean and incredible design. Not only that, but Swift helps the user maximize SEO; a great SEO means that your blog will rank high in the search results.

The Swift blogger template is ads ready, offers a clean layout, zooming effects, features images, is SEO friendly, has a drop down menu and a Google Testing Tool Validator. Swift is also fast loading, mobile friendly and offers a custom 404 page.



The perfect blogger template for the minimalist Blogger, Voux is a light theme designed to best feature the content in a stylish fashion. Voux is a fancy choice for those who want to improve their personal, fashion, OOTD, niche and creative blogs. Voux offers related posts support, Instagram widget, Pinterest widget, auto author image, newsletter subscription, custom error 404 page, advance search engine optimization, auto resize thumbnail image and more.

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