Ways To Find The Password Of Your Wi-Fi


Whether you are trying to connect a new device to your Wi-Fi network or simply trying to give access to your trusted guest, you need to know the password of your Wi-Fi network for both the situation. There are many people who often forget their Wi-Fi password. But, now you are not required to worry anymore as there are many ways that can help you crack your Wi-Fi password with ease. You simply need to make the Wi-Fi password visible by clicking few check boxes and get the password of your Wi-Fi network. You are not required to have much technical know-how to find the password of your Wi-Fi network. You simply need a computer system that is already connected to your Wi-Fi network. Here are few simple steps that you need to follow in order to find the Wi-Fi password.

  • Step One

You are required to go to the Start screen of your Windows system by clicking the Windows key available on your keyboard. You can also open the Windows screen by moving the cursor upward from bottom right corner of your system’s screen and choose “Setting”

  • Step Two

There will be “Network” icon available which you need to click. If you are connected with Wi-Fi network you need to click the Wi-Fi symbol present there


  • Step Three

If necessary, turn on the Wi-Fi network and connect the system with your Wi-Fi network. Choose the Wi-Fi network from the list and close the Setting sidebar.

  • Step Four

Now you need to type “view network connections” on search icon and choose the “View Network Connections” option that appears on the search results

  • Step Five

Now right click the “Wi-Fi” network and choose the Status sign from drop down menu and open the Wi-Fi Status window

  • Step Six

Now you are required to click the “Wireless Properties” available there in Wi-Fi Status Window. Now you are required to click the “Security” tab. The password of your Wi-Fi network is available in Network Security field, but all the characters will be hidden


  • Step Seven

You need to click the “Show Characters” check box beside the network security field to reveal the Wi-Fi password. After retrieving the password you need to “Cancel” the window to keep the password hidden from others.

Helpful Tips and Warnings

If you are unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network for some reasons, then check the documentation that came along with your Wi-Fi router to find it. If you have purchased from the internet service provider, then you will find the password as default at the bottom of the router. The letters look like “WPA”, “WPA2” or “Security Key” etc.

If the password has been set by you, then log in to the router using the admin username and password and change the password of your Wi-Fi if the older password is not working. If you can’t remember the admin username and password that contact the manufacturer for support and get the default password for your router.

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