The Meaning Behind the Lion Dance


The lion dance is usually performed during Chinese celebrations, such as the coming of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It has been practiced by most Chinese influenced cultures to bring prosperity, peace, and as a good luck charm. However, performing the lion dance is not only limited to the occasional Chinese celebrations, because these are also performed during weddings, christenings, and even during business or store openings. Indeed, the lion dance has been tied to the connotation of good luck and prosperity.476068366

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Martial Arts and Lion Dance

In the past, the lion dance is only exclusively performed by male martial artists. However now, due to the many modifications that it has undergone to suit the local culture of the place that Chinese culture has spread to, almost any person can now become a lion dance performer. It is important to note that the lion dance does not only show and present one’s strength and the mastery of one’s body and mind, but it is also an art form which transcends the ancient Chinese culture of long ago to the present world that we have now.

The lion dance also showcases the self discipline which is vital in one’s overall wellbeing.  It is because of the strong connection between martial arts and lion dance that makes this traditional Chinese dance different and more interesting and more artistic.


With all of these being said, the lion dance showcases to the world how influential the Chinese culture really is. This is because lion dances are not only performed in China, but also in other Asian countries, like Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and even Indonesia. The lion dance is truly one of the most remarkable pieces of ancient Chinese culture that reminds us to strive harder in life, by seeing the beauty and strength of a lion.

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