The Basics Of Essay Writing

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In order for one to qualify as a good essay writing text, it must be able to influence readers of an idea which is built on suggestion, thus an essay is one which should respond to a task or question;  it should be able to discuss or present something by developing a thesis through a set of closely linked topics by evidence and reasoning; it must have a thesis statement and an argument; and should include relevant examples which will be able to support information and evidence from credible sources or academic texts. If all the above is followed, then you will automatically have written a winning academic with essay writing

Though when writing an assignment, there are basic steps to be followed, it is not a direct process and one might just use various stages several times in the course of the essay writing. The most followed steps include:

  • Analyzing the question and making sure that the key terms are defined
  • A thesis or point of view has to be developed
  • The topic has to be researched by use of journals, books, and other sources which are credible for evidence and support.
  • While reading, make sure that you take notes on whatever you are getting from your research
  • Make sure you organize your ideas by writing an essay plan
  • The first draft is to be writtenhelp with essay writing
  • The draft should be placed away for some few days before going through it again to see if you can be able to make some changes
  • Someone independent should go through the draft
  • Edit, then redraft the essay again
  • Complete by referencing and writing the citation
  • The final draft should be finished and handed over for marking.

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