Spending A Weekend At Genting


Plenty of Malaysian locals, especially in Kuala Lumpur, make it a point to take weekend getaways to tourist attractions in Malaysia. Fortunately for Kuala Lumpur and other metropolitan areas, Genting Highlands is just a bus ride away.

While it may be preferred by many to drive their own car to get to Genting, some locals actually prefer to take a Bus to Genting because it provides another level of experience. Besides, the point of a weekend getaway is to break away from the familiarity of the daily grind, which isn’t something that one would be able to achieve when they have to spend an hour or two driving a familiar car.


It’s also not surprising that tourists prefer to take the bus instead of renting a car. It’s better to meet locals and other tourists via public transport.

Choice of transportation aside, there are so many attractions in Genting Highlands that one weekend will not be enough, to be fully honest. Sure, one can go on a spree and visit each and every attraction in a span of two days, but it goes without saying that they wouldn’t have had a great time with each of them.

One of the attractions in Genting that the family can spend so much time in is the indoor theme park. Children and adults alike will enjoy the different features of this theme park, especially Snow World. For locals, in particular, Snow World is a great place to stay in because of its contrasting environment to the actual location of the country, which is hot and humid.

Adults who aren’t traveling with children can opt to go for attractions that cater to their age demographic. Casino de Genting is a great place to spend some time (and money) on. For some tourists and locals, it’s not about hitting the jackpot at all. Rather the fun experience of being in a distinct casino where local aesthetics meet western past time.