Specifications Of FPC Connectors


The FPC Conductor is a very useful type of cable wire. This is because it is very efficient and very convenient to use compared to the more traditional, bulky and stiff round-shaped cables. FPC Conductors, or Flexible Printed Circuit, also has its specifications that would make it unique among other wires and cables that are available out there.FF19ST

The Spacing ofthe FPC Conductors

The pitch of the FPC Conductor pretty much refers towards the length starting from the center of one of the conductor, all towards the center of its other conductors that are also connected to one system.Keep in mind that a single FPC Conductor is capable of having differing pitches in between different conductors all on the same cable. This is an uncommon feature on most cables.FF51Additionally, FPC Conductors have many different pitches. These pitches are composed of 0.500 mm, 0.635 mm, 0.800 mm, 0.625 mm, 1.00 mm. Despite this abundance in pitches, the most common pitches are the 0.500 mm & 1.00 mm pitches.

Types of FPC Connectors

FPC Connectors also have different available types that people could choose from depending on the situation.Some cables feature and exposed contacts on each side at each end as well. Other cables are flatter and thinner, yet are still very flexible. These cables are used for a very narrow connection in between components and systems. Other Conductors are composed of different types of Connections and are also covered and protected in a special type of plastic.

Exposure length & Stiffener

The length of the FPC Connectordepends on its electrical contact, in which a specific FPC Connector will be placed and exposed at certain terminations of the said cable. On the other end, most FFC Connectors also feature some added material attached to both the opposite side of the exposed end of the cable. This is in order to make the transfer of electricity more efficient.

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