Some Ways to Hack Instagram


One of the most popular social media platforms nowadays, apart from Twitter and Facebook, is Instagram. This is a site where the pictures of users are given priority, and are the ones that are prominently featured. This makes it a great haven for those who would want to show off their skills in photography, and those who want to express themselves more through pictures than through text. Its popularity can be attested to the fact that there are a lot of people who want to know how to hack Instagram. As negative as this may sound, hacking may sometimes be an okay thing to do. Whatever your reason may be, below are some of the ways in order for you to be able to do so.


Use the “Forgot Password” Option

This is best used for those who, as the name suggests, have forgotten their password, though this can be used by other people through using their own email address the “reference” link which lets them open other people’s accounts. All that you have to do is to key in the username of the target user, and then “get help signing in”. Afterwards, select the SMS option and key in the mobile number of choice. Once you get the new password, input it and voila!

Hacking Via Spyzie

This application works by monitoring the accounts via a keylogger. This app gives you information about the details that are being typed. The tricky part about doing this, however, is that you have to install the same app on the target user’s phone. It can be done, however, in such a way that it remains hidden. In the use of this app, be wary about the keystroke types that are used on the computer. You can use the exact same password to gain access to the account, or you may use it to change passwords.