Some Practical Steps for Good Comedy


Whether you’re a script writer, or a person on stage, one of the things that you should really be looking out for is to create good materials that would really captivate audiences, keep them listening, and in the case of comedy writers, make them laugh their hearts out. There are a lot of types of comedy, and one of the most popular genres of it is Improvisational, or Improv comedy. One of the “pillars” of the said genre is Christian Capozzoli, who has written a book that gives interested people a crash course on the said genre. If you want to know some tips on how to be a good comedian, whether it be on-stage or just by being a writer, then here are some we have for you.


Know the Audience

Comedy is a tricky genre, as what could be funny for a group of people could end up not being funny for others. If you are a comedian who does tours and the like, make it a point to ask your manager or whoever your point person is in that place about basic facts about the town, your potential crowd, and from this, be able to build your comedy material. Remember that it’s only funny when people are able to relate to what you say, and the best way for you to relate is to get to know of these people.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even when you don’t have a performance due, make it a point to practice writing various materials for comedy. You’d never really know when you can use all these practice notes in an actual delivery. Take the time to know how other comedians do comedy, and from all of these ideas, incorporate them and develop your own style from the things you absorb. Take trials, know what works and what doesn’t work.