Our editors would like to share resources that have helped us in our individual endeavors as writers and human beings. We believe this page is extra special to our purpose as a general information site.

ARHS hopes to express our gratitude to these websites who have made us improve in many things. To pay it forward, we would like you to know about them, too.


If you have time in your hands and admits you still have space in you for additional learnings, check this site out. ALISON allows you to have quality online education at no to minimal fees.

While these courses may not be credited as formal education, some employers acknowledge ALISON’s standards.

2. Duolingo

Learning a new language takes time, resources and effort. Duolingo takes care of the first two for anyone who wants some foreign tongue.

While many other sites are offering the same service, this website allows a student to translate pages whiles they learn. Spell OJT.


Like patience, writing can be a virtue, a talent, and skill. Write To Done helps aspiring writers to improve on their field. To the AHRS editors, this website can be beneficial to anyone, whether interested in writing or not.

These are just three resources that we love. Please don’t forget to check them and our site for updates. If you have any comments, suggestions or inquiries, don’t be shy. Shoot us an email at