Reasons To Use The Avaya Ip Office Platform


Avaya is a leader in the field of internet telephony, CRM or Customer Relationship Management and wireless data. They are an established company with years of experience under their belt, not only that but they have won tons of awards and recognitions thanks to innovative products and incredible services. In terms of products, they have tons to offer all those potential clients and customer; some of these products are Avaya Aura Platform, Avaya IP Office Platform, Avaya Breeze Platform, Avaya Pod Fx and Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications. But we’re only going to focus on their Avaya IP Service Platform.

Reasons to Purchase Avaya IP Office Platform


Here are some of the reasons as to why you should give a thought about using the Avaya IP Office Platform:

  • Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere – in today’s time, when we’re on the road it doesn’t really mean that we’re out from the office. Every staff or employee has a single number that customers use to contact them through for any concerns or inquiries. These important calls or messages can be rerouted to your office in for secured privacy. Carrier charges on calls can also be lessened when they’re placed over Wi-Fi.
  • Better Customer Engagement Abilities – enhance the customer experience which your company can provide, alongside customer efficiency by using powerful and affordable multi channel functionality. The multi channel functionality is applicable for the voice, SMS, web chat, fax and email in your contact center.
  • Meet from Any Place Using Any Device – sometimes, videos can be everything. Doesn’t matter if you’re meeting with your co-worker at a distant office, business partners from anywhere in the country or customer from any part of the globe, you can make use of the face-to-face meeting feature; it’s smooth, simple and quite convenient. You’ll be able to see the person you’re talking to in HD videos, share important presentations and turn boring meetings into efficient and productive ones.


  • Build Your Business on Reliable Network Technology – have your business accept the fast changing procedures that current technology provides us. All the Avaya networking solutions provide amazing converged network environments. Immediately set up everything that you’ll need using a single command, IP handsets will become accessible within a short period of time. Even with the application-level visibility, you’ll still have one the best and most secured network; this ensures uncompromised use of the business’ crucial applications.

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