Puerto Vallarta- The Exotic One Stop Destination Of Wedding Photography


The city of Puerto Vallarta is a famous tourist Destination in Jalson state of Mexico which is well known for its beaches, resorts, water sports and nightlife scene. There is another thing striking about this place which is that it is the land of various amateur, skilled, professional as well as budding photographers.  Photography, which is the art of capturing beautiful moments, is a well-known profession of people over here.

While there are some native residents who have adopted photography while there are people who visit this beautiful location especially to take photographs. The scenic beauty of this place has abundance of exotic locations to engage into photography.


There are different varieties of photography which is practiced here, the most prominent ones being wedding photography, car and destination photography and natural photography.

The prominent and some talented photographers of Puerto Vallarta have been listed as follows:

Juan Carlos and Mellisa

They are a team of husband and wife who got married while sharing their passion for photography. They expertise in wedding and destination photography and capture the beautiful moments throughout the wedding journey and make it an experience worth cherishing for the wedding couple. While,Mellisa, is a member of International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. Juan, his husband is received an award called Fearless Award for his great contribution in Photography in the year 2012.

Dino Gomez

He is a skilled photographer based with Los Cabos,Mexico who makes every frame a beautiful sight by capturing the process of wedding.

Pixan Photography


They are a team of skilled professionals who are based in United Kingdom along with Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. They present photography along with a unique style of video which makes it more appealing.

Dennis Berti

They are another couple who deal with wedding photography. They believe that wedding is a very special moment and therefore must be captured.

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