Prepare A Restaurant Styled Meal At Home


Sun basket meal boxes are becoming very popular these days. A number of people are opting in for these meal boxes in order to prepare a meal for their family. People these days lead hectic lives and this leaves them with hardly any time to spend in the kitchen. Most people choose to order in on a regular basis since this seems like the easiest way out. However, with sun basket you can now prepare your own home cooked meal within a short time span. If you’re wondering why you should opt in for the sub basket meal box, here are a few things that you need to consider.


One of the best things about the sun basket meal box is that it is very convenient to use. Even someone who doesn’t know how to cook can now prepare a restaurant styled meal by using this box and cook up a healthy and fresh meal for the entire family without having to put in too much effort. This meal box comes pre portioned with all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal along with the complete step by step recipe. This helps you to just prepare the meal in no time. The prep is already done on the meal, all you need to do is put it together and serve up an amazing meal that you and your family will love.

Always Fresh

Sun basket holds great pride in providing buyers with the freshest and healthiest ingredients that are of the best quality. This means each ingredient is clean, fresh and healthy. While you have no idea what goes into the meal you order in from a restaurant, you can actually see how good the ingredients that sun basket has to offer are. This ensures that you will feed your family a healthy meal which is good for them. Since these meal boxes come pre portioned, you can use up the entire box in one go and always have fresh ingredients to cook with.


Meet The Chef

All sun basket meals are prepared by their inspired cook, Justine Kelly. Justine is known for her simple home cooking and has taken inspiration for her sun basket meals from the meals she used to prepare for her daughter every day after school. Her personal experience has helped create amazing food and make dining a pleasurable experience. Justine has mastered the art of creating delicious and simple recipes with the best ingredients that are available.

Prior to working with sun basket, Justine was a chef at San Francisco’s Slanted Door. Justine has won several awards including many mentions in famous magazines such as the Gourmet Magazine. Justine has also made an appearance on Iron Chef. Justine is known for cooking various types of cuisines and is comfortable with cuisines from across the world. Her biggest challenge is to add nutrition and flavor to all the sun basket meals. She takes inspiration from a number of things including places she eats and her travels as well.

No Wastage

Since the sun basket meal box comes pre portioned, you don’t need to measure out anything. You will have to use up all the ingredients in the box and this means you will not have to store or waste any of the ingredients. While there are a number of recipes available online, these recipes need you to invest in multiple ingredients which will later lie in the storage cabinet or your refrigerator for a long time.  At most times, these ingredients usually go to waste. With the sun basket box, you will never waste the ingredients.



While a number of people find the sun basket meal box highly priced, the truth is that this box actually turns out to be a lot more affordable in comparison to a restaurant meal that you will order in. It also turns out to be cheaper in comparison to you buying all the ingredients individually and then trying to prepare the meal. This is because you end up buying large quantities that you might not even use later. The sun basket meal box has all the ingredients in the right amounts, so you don’t waste money or ingredients with this meal box.

Unique Offering

The menu for sun basket consists of simple and tasty recipes that are apt for two to four people depending on your needs. You can even customize your meal with various gluten free, paleo and vegetarian options. All of the meals are approved by a qualified nutritionist. With a sun basket meal you will never need to visit a grocery store ever again. You can get the best seasonal ingredients in the convenience of your home. You can even get the opportunity to try new flavors and products that you would normally not try. You can schedule weekly deliveries to your door step. All ingredients come packed in a neat insulated box which means that they stay fresh longer. Sun basket also uses recyclable material for packaging thereby being responsible towards society and nature as well.


Amazing Food

One of the major issues with following a recipe is getting the portions right. Most people get confused with the quantities and this means you might never manage to get the recipe right. Cooking a meal with the wrong proportions of ingredients can lead to a disaster and while you might spend hours trying to prepare a tasty meal, it might not end up the way you want it to. With the sun basket meal box, this is one issue that you will never have to come face to face with. Since all the ingredients are already measured out for you, there’s no chance you can mess up the proportions and you will always end up preparing healthy, fresh and tasty meals.

Sun basket meals are also very convenient and they help you to get in and out of the kitchen in no time. It saves on your prep time and ensures that you enjoy cooking a home meal for your family on a regular basis.

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