Most Effective Ways To Play YouTuber Simulator

YouTuber Simulator is a mobile game created by Felix aka PewDiePie. This is the second game PewDiePie is behind. With his 48 millions Youtube subscribers there was no doubt this game wasn’t going to be a hit. It is already on top of the download charts for iOS and Android.pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-hack-cheats-tips-and-guide-2

We have listed all the youtuber simulator hack there are currently. Use these hacks to become a celebrity in this game. We will show you not only how to get subscribers but also ways to increase the views for your videos and level up much faster.

  1. Free Desk or Monitor

We are going to show you how to upgrade your monitor or desk for free. You just have to                follow these steps to get whichever desk you want.  Choose a monitor or desk that you want to upgrade to and close the game by pressing the home button when a dialog box asking you if you want to purchase this item pops up. now you have to kill this game process from the recent menu apps. Now open the game and you should have the desk or monitor that you had chosen in the starting. Enjoy your free item.

  1. Sponsor Eagles

A Sponsor Eagle flies overhead every seven to ten minutes. When you click on it bonus boxed are dropped which helps in buying stuff for the room and making the room bigger. It also sometimes gives boosts which help in making larger videos and also makes the delivery time faster. We are going to show you how to get unlimited Sponsor Eagles. For you to take advantage of this bug, a shipment should be on its way and while you are waiting for this shipment when the sponsor eagle flies over the room, you have to click on it and then immediately click on the bonus open button and click the back to your room button instantly. Now you need to go to the Puggle mini-game room and hit the close button to go back to the room. If you have followed all these steps then a Sponsor Eagle should fly overhead after ten seconds and you can repeat the above steps and keep getting the Sponsor Eagles unlimited times.

  1. Increase Items in Room by Hanging over other Items

One of the best ways to level up in this game is by increasing the number of items in your room and make it bigger. Firstly, buy a Hangable and then you need to change its orientation using the rotate button. You need to keep on clicking the rotate button and due to a bug it will let you hang a item somewhere it can’t be hanged. This way your room  also looks unique than others.

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