Mechanical Keyboards: Click It!


Ever thought about how you used enjoyed that clicking sound of your mechanical keyboard? The new membrane keyboards do not give that satisfying feel while working or playing games. However, there are still several manufacturers that offer you that old classic mechanical keyboard. Moreover, using a mechanical keyboard increases you typing accuracy; also, they do have a long life span and would rarely betray you when in need.


A mechanical keyboard uses actual switches underneath the keys which get clicked while you hit a key, unlike the membrane keyboards. Moreover, the membrane keyboards are spill resistant and cheaper too, but the audible notification produced while pressing the keys on a mechanical keyboard can actually increase your speed and accuracy, moreover, it provides you a more satisfying feel while playing games and doing your work. Let us introduce you to some more of the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard.


Benefits of a Mechanical Keyboard:

  • The feel produced while typing or playing the game with a mechanical keyboard just cannot be expressed. The touch of that curved keys over your finger and the “click” that you hear while hitting those keys is priceless. No matter the mechanism and the type of switch underneath your keys, a mechanical keyboard always comes out to be stronger than the other keyboards.
  • Longevity: The life of a mechanical keyboard is much more than a rubber membrane one. Statistically, the life of a mechanical keyboard is almost double of that of a rubber membrane keyboard.
  • Stability: Mechanical keyboards are heavier which means more stability, if you are a PC owner and have been using a lighter keyboard, you might have faced the problem of your keyboard sliding away here and there. Well, if you need to fix that problem, a mechanical keyboard would be the solution to it.


  • Maintenance: A rubber membrane keyboard can sometimes be a real pain when it comes to cleaning them. First of all, the rubber itself acts as a dust attractor, and moreover, most of the keyboards use attachment methods that are really hard to remove and then reattach which makes the cleaning process really difficult. Neither can you detach a single key to clean the base, the whole of the membrane acts as one and have to be removed completely to be cleaned. However, in the case of most of the mechanical keyboards, it’s completely the opposite, you can just pull out each individual key to clean and then push it back really easily without any difficulty Neither are there any chances of damaging the keyboard. It’s really easy to clean and maintain a mechanical keyboard.

Moreover, if you are a PC user, going for a mechanical keyboard would be the best option keeping in mind the above-mentioned points. Moreover, the mechanical keyboard is worth the money you are going to spend on it. If you are a gaming freak or a frequent typist, most probably, you know the feel and advantages of using a mechanical keyboard. Go for it! You’re going to love it!

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