How to Use the Tinder App

Tinder is world hottest dating app. It has changed the way to dating around the world. It has some best features which make it different from other apps and stand unique amongst other dating apps. We’ve been getting lots of requests from readers who are new to Tinder and want to learn some tips on how to use Tinder efficiently and get dates. So in this post, we are going to share some basic steps for new users.

Downloading the app

The first step is to download the tinder app from google play store or the Apple store which obviously depends on what mobile you are using. This app is free to download and install. Although there is a premium version available where the user is charged a nominal fee. So once you have downloaded the app just proceed to real profile.

Creating a stunning profile

Since the profile is the main part, so you need to focus on creating it stunning. Fill all the relevant details such as likes, dislikes, opinions, interests, location, and preferences. It makes the prospect person easier to understand your views and start the chat directly.

Adding photos

Adding photos is also the crucial part of making your profile stand out. Find out the latest and stunning photos of yours which are captured recently and upload it. It is advisable to upload at least five photos so that it makes your profile real.

Finding your first potential match

Once you have finished creating your profile on Tinder. Just proceed to find match section and enter your desired keyword in the search section. You can also search people based on your location. If you find any profile interesting just ping them with a casual greeting while don’t start a dating Chat initially which makes it cheesy.

So in this article, we have learned some basic tips on how to create a profile on Tinder which stands out in the crowd.

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