How Does Das Works?


As with any organization that offers aid in Debt Arrangement Schemes, will show you how DAS works and the benefits and drawbacks of applying under the debt payment programme of the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Afterall, even if it’s a program to help all those who are struggling with debt, it’s still not the best option for everyone. Don’t worry, if you apply under the organization found on the link above the experts will evaluate your individual situation and show you the most appropriate course of action.

How it Works


When applying, you have to meet with an Approved Money Adviser; these advisers are qualified under DAS and are entitled to suggest the most suitable solutions for you. Present paperwork that prove your income and expense, then a proposal will be drafted for you. If you’re wondering about the some of the pros and cons then read on.


  • There are numerous kinds of debt included in a DAS like credit card debt, bank loans, utility arrears, mortgage, store card debt, council tax arrears, bank loans and more.
  • Creditors are not allowed to harass nor sue you.
  • You can have some peace of mind as long as you give regular payments; no more charges, fees or interest will be added.
  • However your DAS will end, once it does you’re free from debt.



  • Only those considered as residents of Scotland can avail a Debt Arrangement Scheme.
  • You need to pay certain fees if you want to set up a DAS.
  • To be qualified, you should have enough income to at least pay for all your regular bills as well as extra money left to pay for the monthly arrangement.
  • General information about you will recorded under the public DAS registry.

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