Honey Badgers Are The Most Fearless Creatures!

honeybadger (1)

If you think the titled statement about the honey badger is an overstatement, then you are probably wrong. Honey Badgers, however funny their appearance might be, are very fierce and fearless creatures. If you are to ever encounter a battle with a honey badger, you are more likely to lose the battle. Despite being a fearless animal in the real life, Honey Badgers do lead a sad life in the internet meme arena. A lot of internet trolls evolve focusing on their funny face. That has to be a sad life, hands down.

What makes them Fearless?

honeybadger (1)

Mostly, the powerful jaws and claws are their primary weapons. They can dig holes on grounds and tree trunks really fast. This provides them with faster hiding capabilities, if ever they are to feel threatened. They have very sharp and strong teeth, durable enough to even crush a tortoise shell. Honey Badgers are sweet enough to not play with your head but if you ever end up under their jaws, praise the lord and ask Him for a miracle.

Also, their skin is quite a shield. Thick and rubbery, you could almost call it the Kevlar created by nature. Arrows and spears will easily slip-off their skin surface; even the African’s machetes often fail to penetrate through this barrier. Other animals don’t really feel so comfortable about biting a Honey Badger.

Honey Badgers aren’t so big in appearance, though. An adult Honey Badger could measure around 11 inches in shoulder length and around 2.5 feet in height. Their off-springs have an interesting name, ‘Kit’. ‘Sow’ defines female Honey Badgers and ‘Boar’ is the name for their male counterpart. So apparently, Sow and Boar makes a Kit.


Honey Badgers are really fond of sweets, but they can be dangerous too. Don’t just take them for granted because they are called honey!