Futon Bed: The Comfort You Admire


The traditional Japanese bedding which comprises of a mattress which is laid down on the floor is known as a futon. A futon bed is really versatile and can be folded up and kept away during the day time to utilize the space for other activities. The futons are traditionally Japanese; however, its western counterpart is similar to a low heightened wooden sofa.

Western Futons:

The western-style futons have been extracted from the traditional Japanese futons; however, it acquires a huge difference from the same. The mattresses are usually placed over a wooden or metallic framework which is usually adjustable. The same can be used as a chair or a couch during the daytime. The folded frame can also be split opened to serve as a bed during the day time. The western style futons mattresses are much thicker than the Japanese ones and they mostly comprise of a number of layer of foam. The western futons usually designed to cater the smaller spaces and also to cope with the changing trends in the modern world. They can even be used with modular furniture. They are easily removable and replaceable too. They can range from really economic fillings to high-quality foam fillings.


Japanese Futons:

We have already read about the western futons. Now let us learn a bit about the ones, the western futons evolved from. A Japanese mattress is nothing like a western style futon. They are usually really thin with a fabricated outer cover and an inner filling of wool, cotton or foam. Futons are used on a huge basis in Japan. They can usually be found at departmental stores and also, there are stores, specially meant for futons to be sold. The futons are fabricated to be laid down on the flooring. They are usually rolled up or folded during the day time and kept in closets to enhance the usability of the space. The futons must be kept in daylight regularly to prevent any kind of smell contamination. It must also be beaten regularly with a futon beater to prevent any kind of padding and also to get rid of any kind of dust particles. The futon beater is also made out traditionally of bamboo and resembles a carpet beater. The futons are available in a number of sizes and filling materials.


Japanese have been using the futon beds for ages. Not because of a shortage of space or money. There are several hidden facts that you must know about futons. Most of the futons are made out of 100% cotton and somehow they are also sterilized. It lessens the chances of getting infected. Futons are really good for you back and even can cure several back problems. You may even layer up futons to make them more cozy and comfortable if you wish. They are really versatile and that’s only the reason that the people around the world are adapting this ages old tradition. In the end, it saves you a lot of money and also provides you with a multi-purpose space inside your home.

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