Everything You Need To Know About Ethical And Fair Debt Collection!

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If you haven’t paid your bills, monthly instalments then there is a great probability of you being contacted by an agency or a private debt collector. Debt collection agencies have found to be grown in number in the recent years. These agencies hire agents and financial experts who help to retrieve your money back. However, sometimes they cross the line and follow some practices which are not considered ethical and are immoral. We will look into each of them one by one as follows:

Threat you publically or personally

Sometimes, debt collectors would call you frequently and pose a threat to your life and property in order to create psychological pressure. This is totally forbidden by law and you must know that it is not right on their part to do so and also on your part to face so. Consider lodging a complaint in the nearest police station or seek legal assistance

IRS Debt Collection Leads Fresh Real Time List57.com

They tell you that they will get you arrested

As per the Federal laws, debt collectors are forbidden from threatening you about getting arrested in case of non-payment of debt. Such collection agencies do not possess the right to issue any warrant or make you go into jail for non-payment of electricity bills, or your mobile or car loan instalment. But, in case you haven’t paid any debt related to a court, then this can lead you to jail.

Public Humiliation

No collection agency has the right to humiliate or threaten you about non-payment of your debts in a publicized manner. They are also not allowed to track you down through third party sources or disclose any personal information catering to your personal life.

Force you to pay you a debt that you don’t owe


Sometimes, agencies often run after you in order to collect a debt that has been lost either through bankruptcy or has been owed by a person with similar name or face.

In addition to this using abusive language, trying to harm you physically or contacting you repeatedly throughout the day are practices that are prohibited and considered harassment. If you are victim to any such situation or circumstances, then be aware of your federal rights. Having the right evidences and proper documentation is necessary to seek legal assistance. Don’t fall victim to the ill practices of debt collectors and be a aware and responsible consumer!

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