Does Penile Enlargement Works

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Men, let’s be honest here. If I would ask you “do you want to have a bigger penis?” most of you would say “YES!” Well, that is indeed the answer of around 46% males, according to a research. There are a lot of ways to increase the size of the penis, but the most popular ones are the penis extender products. However, do they really work?

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The Vacuum Pump

This is a device that sucks air out. The principle here is that you put your penis inside and the vacuum would draw additional blood to your penis. Therefore, it makes it a little bigger when erect. Then, after vacuuming, you will use a tight ring to clamp your penis off. This would keep the blood from going back. Of course, there are still disadvantages. First, if you remove the ring, the effects would be gone. If you use it for more than 30 min, your tissues might be damaged. Oftentimes, this method is utilized as a cure for erectile dysfunction. However, this way hasn’t been scientifically proven to really enhance the penile size.


There are also stretching or weights exercise available. However, it will not bulk your penis up. Why? It is because your penis isn’t a muscle. There may be chance that you could increase the size of your penis using weights. However, you would still need a whole lot of dedication. The disadvantages in this method are rupturing of blood vessels, tearing of tissues, and much more.

Creams, Ointments, Supplements, Pills

Well, to make things short. None of these things work. They do not really work. Whatever you read on the internet, whatever you hear from your friends are not true. Whatever you read about these products is complete garbage. Do not waste your time and money on it.