Choosing Best Open Source CMS For Your Website

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A ‘Content Management System’ or CMS is actually a software, which is used for manipulating attributes like text, audio, images on a website. The primary aim of a Content Management System is to offer a systematic medium using which HTML pages can be maintained and distributed for effective viewing. Every CMS is backed with a database that offers important tools necessary for the development of a website. For instance, plug-ins for providing shopping carts on e-commerce portals, banner advertising, opinion polls, newsletters and many more. wbg1

There are two basic types of CMS available that are Open source CMS and Commercial CMS in web site design.wbg4

Open source CMS are software that are available to the user for free and the source code can be altered by the user as per his will and needs. The only reason why such tools are preferred or even exist is due to support from large communities who check for bugs, add new features, updates to it. On the other hand, a Commercial CMS is pretty much similar to that of an Open source except the facts that it is not available for free, which is why you will have to buy it and you cannot access the source code.

Essential Features Of An Effective CMS

  • Better data sharing among large number of people
  • Easy data retrieval and storage
  • Reduction of data redundancy
  • Simplified report writing
  • Improved user communication

The CMS market is expanding at a rate which cannot be calculated without a possible hitch and this growth is leading to increased expectation and stiff competition in the market, the result of which will be increase in the number of options available to the end-user. With the culmination of next-gen portals like Wikis, forums and other blogs, there has been a huge shift in the paradigm of website functionality and navigation. Corporates today don’t wish to own a sales promotion website rather they wish for is a website that can indulge a customer and assist in retaining him. Situations were a bit tough ten years ago as there were ample web projects, but there were not many options to go with when it comes to choosing an appropriate CMS.