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Having your very own dirt bike is awesome, it’s kind of like your pet where you take care if it as much as you can, there are times when you don’t even want other people to use it no matter how selfish it may sound there are things that are just off limits. Of course you want the design to be customized, kind of like your own brand or mark. A lot of people choose the option of Mx stickers or dirt bike decals, even just by searching online you’ll find tons of shops that offer wonderful services and designs to achieve your bike’s dream appearance.

So dear reader, today we will discuss with you the difference of decals and stickers; yes they are actually different but not so much. Also, we’ll present you with a famous website that offers amazing decals and stickers to choose from, you can even create your very own custom design if you want. Take note that this is just a suggestion, if you’re already loyal to another shop then that’s perfectly fine. But if you want to give the shop a try then read on ahead.

Difference of Decals and Stickers

A lot of people don’t really know the difference of decals and stickers, industry professionals are partly to blame for this confusion since they we’re not even clear on the matter themselves. If you try to ask around in your local shop, you’d notice that they would either give you an answer that’s too general or they’d have zero clues; in reality, it’s all quite simple. oemreplica_series-1448904915

Before we get right to it, part of the confusion is due to the consumers and clients themselves. The two terms are used interchangeably that both their meaning have merged and it has become even hard to distinguish one from the other. When you use the term interchangeably, you’re not entirely ‘wrong’ per say. Take note that each and every decal is a sticker, but not all stickers are considered decals.

Sticker shop owners call the high-quality designs ‘decals’, and ‘stickers’ for the ones with a much lower price. There’s a reason for this, sure both the products use adhesives but the formula used on decals are stronger and more expensive. People wouldn’t really go crazy of their bumper stickers start to peel off, but if their vehicle graphics began to lift from the edges then it’s another story.crf-xr-crm-125-250-450-650-team-font-b-graphics-b-font-backgrounds-decals-stickers

Next is the foundation layer, stickers have a paper base but decals use a vinyl or plastic base. This is the main reason why decals last so much longer than ordinary stickers even when exposed to rough conditions.  Then we have the difference in the chemical treatment done on decals in order to increase its bind to the vinyl or the surface where it was printed. Sticker can also receive the same kind of chemical treatment, although the treatment can’t be optional for decals.

Lastly, they also have a difference in the kind of ink used in printing although it’s not that significant. Decals that will surely be used on vehicles and boats need to be finished off with a protective UV laminate; this ensures that the image on the sticker will last even longer and it will maintain a better vibrant appearance.

DeCal Works

This online shop for decals is pretty popular, they have been in the motorsports industry for an astounding 25 years now. What makes them a strong contender out of all the other online shops out there is their passion to regularly come up with innovative designs through the help of their amazing design team.

There offer individual decals, bike graphics and even number plate backgrounds; you get to choose from spectacular graphic kits or even individual pieces when you don’t really need the sets. There are other products too like high quality replacement plastic, seat covers, bike stands, ramps and ties downs. You’d be surprised that it’s not only your bike that you can customize with decals, they offer a full jersey line which is customized, helmets, neck brace, pitboard and more.

Concerning the single part decals, you can choose from radiator kit decals that are an original 9mil high gloss or even a new gripper 22mil matte finish; up to three sponsor logos can be added which come in various colours. Airbox Decals are also on the list, they come in sets of two which and you can choose to have a matching set with the radiator kit decals. On the other hand, arched front fender decals come in a two piece decal set, it can contain two lines of text or your favourite sponsor logos. Front fender tip decals come in a huge variety which include just about anything from one set to a one hundred set and of course it also contains up to three sponsor logos.

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